Range Commands

The upcoming course of fire, (COF), will be explained before we go down range to check targets from the previous string. Please pay attention so you will know how to prep your magazines, which stage we are shooting and how, etc. This way you will not waste your prep period loading mags, asking what we are doing next and such.

You will be called to the line with the command “Shooters to the line!”

You will then be given a preparation period of specific length with the command “Shooters, your _x__ minute preparation period begins now!”, during which time you can prep mags, BUT NOT LOAD MAGS INTO RIFLES! You may handle the rifle, adjust sights based on what you saw down at the target line, adjust slings, etc. but I highly recommend that you not waste it!
You should sling up and get a good position and begin to dry fire as soon as possible. So, pay attention so you can get a few things done before your prep period, and you’ll not lose valuable time during you prep period doing mundane tasks such as prepping mags.

Next, you will hear: “Shooters, your preparation period has ended! Safeties ON!”
(Leave the safety on until you are in position and ready to fire.)

If the stage begins standing, you will hear “STAND!” The next command is:
“With xx rounds, LOAD!” (then, "Safeties ON!" for stages 2 and 3) At this time you will charge the rifle and prepare to fire, so sling up, and aim at YOUR target. Next you will hear “Is the line ready?” I will ask:
“Ready on the right?” then “Ready on the left?” then “All ready on the firing line!” If you are ready, simply do nothing. If you are NOT ready, signal by raising your hand. Maintain muzzle awareness! When the line is ready I will issue the command: “FIRE!” You will shoot to the completion of the stage or course of fire, or until time runs out, when I will issue the command: “Cease fire, cease fire, cease fire!”

When you hear the command to cease fire it is NOT a yellow light! You do not pop off that last round or finish out the stage! Cease fire means stop immediately. The command may be given for safety reasons so you must stop firing immediately.
This command belongs to ALL of us, and anyone can call it. If you see an unsafe condition which warrants the call, just do it, we’ll sort it out later.

Next you will hear “Unload and clear!” Make your weapon safe using the steps we talked about previously. I will then ask: “Is the line clear on the right? Is the line clear on the left? The line is clear, the line is clear!”

Shooters will then usually be called to line center and be told what is coming next. DO NOT walk in front of the firing line until given the command: “Shooters may go forward of the firing line and score/ check targets!”

If your rifle malfunctions, clear it and continue shooting. If you cannot clear it, keep the muzzle in a safe direction, take the magazine out, put the safety one, lock the bolt back (if possible) and with your finger off the trigger, ground the rifle, and raise your hand for assistance.